Who, What, Where am I?

     Yeah, that's me, the guy in the back seat. My friends, the Foster Impostors® were kind enough to give me a ride home. (they found me staggering out of the hen house with beer and chicken wings on my breath and crowing like a rooster)

Me and the Famous Imposters

   Unfortunately for me, and to my utter regret. I was born in California.  Throughout the first 19 of my 60 year old life, I’ve lived in several countries, and many different states. And some how ended up back in California.

      I’d have given anything (like I had a choice), to be born in a more honorable sounding State. Like say, Montana, Wyoming, North or South Dakota to name a few. The way I usually dress, the way I was brought up. Just don’t seem to coincide with the fact I was born in California. Luckily, these thoughts are just a state of mind. I may not have been born and raised totally in the country and western environment. But don’t tell a true Californian Cowboy he is worth less than one from Wyoming, things could get nasty. I’ve always dressed country or western, grew up in areas near or in the country itself, and my mind has thought nothing but western for as long as I can remember. So PLEASE! don’t call me an Urban Cowboy.


      At least for the last 41 years of my life, even though in California, I’ve lived in my kind of environment. My offspring can say with pride ” I was born in Merced,  California ”. A farming, ranching area in the North half of the state.

Link to County of Merced Page

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The Pierce Family
October ‘02

      Well now I'm a lot older than I care to be, married to a wonderful lady, have a total of four kids and two grandchildren. I now live in Atwater, California.

Link to the City of Atwater
Link to the City of Atwater

Downtown Atwater in the Spring of 97´

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      Atwater is a small city located within Merced County . Just about dead center of the state. Smack dab in the middle of the big San Joaquin Valley. Some of the richest farming land anywhere. Along with the rest of the state, we grow and produce more quantity and variety of crops and livestock than anywhere else in the world. And to the best of my knowledge, supplies most of the world, if not at least the United States with much of their daily diet.

Statistics about California’s Agricultural Industry

Next time you bad mouth a farmer, don´t do it with your mouth full!

      I've lived around these parts since September 7th, 1972. Came here with the Air Force after getting stationed to Castle AFB. Spent just over 8 years with Uncle Sam before getting out. Now I work and play at Foster Farms  Poultry Producers as a mechanic on any and all their equipment. Ranging from Peterbuilt's to weed eaters. Been there over 33 years, and I hope many more.

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Best “Cluck´en” Chicken in the USA!

OK, so we’re allowed to make a few changes in our life!

My Scoot

Me and my  ‘99’ Yamaha Road Star

My new ‘04’ Yamaha Midnight Venture

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"I will soon be off again...The mountains are calling and I must go..." John Muir