The Early Years

I got into riding bikes back when I was around 12 years old. Learned on an old Suzuki 80 that you still had to mix the oil & gas together. I was a dirt biker. Although I never had anything real big, I was a pretty good rider and could hold my own against some of the better ones.

Dirt biking where I lived at in San Diego was getting to be a big thing. Every kid I knew was getting a bike. I remember my parents telling me there ain’t no way in hell I’m ever going to get one. So one day on the way home with my mom in the car, I started in on her again. No! No! NO! was the last words I heard her say as we pulled up into the driveway to see on old blue Yamaha 55cc. My eyes got so wide I could see out the back of my head. I think my jaw bounced about three times off the pavement.  Man I couldn’t believe it. I finally had my own bike. Over time I wound up having a Yamaha 80, a Yamaha 125 Enduro, even bought a little Honda 50 mini trail. I then bought my brothers 68’ 650 Yamaha from him. That was my last bike I ever owned and rode after it sold in 1977.

The not so Distant Past

1968 Yamaha 650

In December of ’98 I drove back to Ft. Myers, Florida. On my way through Pensacola I stayed at a good friends house to relax for a couple of days. Both my friend and her husband rode Suzuki Intruders 1500. They also had a 1986 Suzuki Madura 1200. Well I happened to be there while a bunch of their club decided to take a “tank ride”. Where you ride until the first person hits their reserve level. Since they had the extra bike just sitting there. I was invited to ride along.

Kay Craig in Pensacola, FL.
98’ 1500 Suzuki Intruder

Its been 21 years since I rode last. When I got on that bike, I felt like a kid again. The excitement was over powering. The thrill was like going on a roller coaster for the first time. I was in hog heaven. That ride lasted for a couple of hours. I don’t know how far we road. But it was that ride which made me realize. I’ve got to get back into riding again. Its been to long. I had forgotten what it was like. It’s a big change from dirt biking, but I just had an urge to cruise. The thought of cruising down the road in a group of bikes was burned into my brain.

Just a Little Ways Back

When I returned home, I looked a round a bit. Really hadn’t given much though about what to buy. Going down to the local cycle dealer that carried Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. I was like a kid in a candy store. So many flavors to choose from. Having no experience anymore as to what bike would be best, I decided to settle on the Intruder 1500. After all, my friend Kay and her husband really love theirs and are very satisfied with them.

Now came the hard part. Convincing “The wife”! Pleading with her brought back memories of pleading with my parents over my first bike. I cried and begged and stamped my feet to no avail. All seemed lost and the thought of getting my bike was fading fast in the days that followed. Then one morning, “The Wife”! confronted me. Expecting one last swift kick in the pants, out flowed the words “You can get the bike!!!”. Susan! Is that you? OK, who are you and what did you do with “The Wife”? Oh man, my heart was pounding, my head was throbbing. I went out the door so fast it didn’t have time to hit me in the ass. I was off to get that big ol’Suzuki.

What seemed like Only Yesterday

Well there I was, standing there in front of that motorcycle dealership. Looking up I swear I saw the same star the Three Wise Men did guiding me through those big glass doors. I step in, my eyes were fixed to that big ol’Suzuki. I nearly slipped on the trail of drool coming from my mouth as I sashayed my way across the showroom floor. I was just about to give that big ol’Suzuki a caressing hug when I looked over and “WHOA BABY” what is that.

That bike wasn’t there the other day. I made a quick turn, tip toed over to see what it was. Grabbed the information slip from the handlebars. A 1999 Yamaha Road Star, V2 1600cc Cruiser. Oh lord, I tried to hide my face from the big ol’Suzuki. But I was in true love this time. Salesman! Sell me this big beautiful Blue and Ivory baby right here, right now!

The Time is Now

I bought my bike on April 1st, 1999. It never even occurred to me that Susan might have been making a poor April Fools Joke when she told me I could get the bike. But I guess if it was meant to be one, it backfired. As of this writing, its been 8 months and about 15,000 miles of a backfire. Learning to ride the Road Star was a new experience. It didn’t take long to get the feel of the bike and just as short of time to feel pretty comfortable with it. I still hold myself back from the full potential of the power house. And the best part of the joke. Susan found out that she also enjoys riding. And now hopes someday to be riding her own bike.

I couldn’t stay off this thing whether if was for a short trip or a buzz up and down the freeway. But I began to notice something. As the miles were building up and time was turning into months. I haven’t found a soul to ride with let alone know anybody else with bike. I was alone. Like the Lone Wolf running without the pack.

To the Future

Surfing on the internet one day while taking a break from riding. I somehow stumbled upon a site called A place that offered forums, or meeting places where people with the same interest can get together. As luck would have it, there was actually a forum for Road Star owners. This was fantastic! All the people I could ever want to ride with, right here at my finger tips. Peoples names on the screen turned into friends in person. Through the ownership of a bike and the magic of the internet, I have now met more people than I ever could have imagined. Riding is Good!

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