The following pictures are of various events and bike runs with
 Strangers and Friends (in no particular order).

Some of the NorCal Roadies at Folsom Freds house near Sacramento, Ca.


Me and wife Susan, George & Claudia
Reno, September, 1999  Street Vibrations Run

A day at the beach north of Santa Cruz area.

Back to back pictures in Holister, CA July 4th, 1999   Wild Ones Event

Sonora Toy Run in Tuttletown, CA   December 1999


Laureen Andrews, now known as
“Yamahamama or Handgrips”
At age 18 on her Kawasaki KZ400 - March 1977

Scott Daley

At age... “a little older”...
on her Y2K Yamaha Road Star - May 2000

Geoff (Jeff) &Gary

Aussie Dale

Yeah, my bike again!!

Walnut Creek to Middletown, California February 2000


Me & Daughter

Folsom Fred & Sam

The Postman (Elk Grove Don)

John Weber (Webmister) & Fred

Sutter Creek, Ca. March 2000

Angels Camp, California May, 2000

Terrible Terry and Folsom Fred

Me, Meaner Renee, Easy Eddie and
 wife Wounded Knee

Mariposa, Ca. Early Spring of ‘2000

Strawberry, Ca. October, ‘2000


North meets South for lunch in Carmel, Ca. May 2000

Susan & Me, Debbie & Don

Escaping the heat from the streets above in the
 Hogshead Brewery & Pub Old Town Sacramento Jazz Festival  May 2000

My long time friend Don Hughes on the
 Left with his sweetheart Kim

And of course riding the desert of
California can be very hot!

Heading East on I-80 in Nevada for Star Days 2000 in
Cheyenne Wy. August, 2000

Over looking Devils Tower

Somewhere in Yellowstone National Park

Don Prince (The Postman) & Me

West Entrance Yellowstone National Park

Bill H. on Cloud 9, Indiana - October 2000