The Berryessa Lake Ride
 “I didn’t make. Shit!!”
Sunday November 5th, 2000

When you wish for a new bike, either rub a
old lantern, or your hubbys neck!
Paul and Shelly Yotsuya

My Mom, ready to ride! November 2000

Some pictures of my favorite local riding roads. The fog had just lifted, but it was still cold.
 December 2000

Gilroy “Burrito Run” Jan 1, 2001

The gathering for the St. Patrick’s Day
 run to Ironstone Vinyards in Murphys

The final bike tally at Ironstone Vinyards
March 17th, 2001

Gathering for another lunch ride at the famous
Road Dog Cycle in Denair, Ca.
Ride to Murphys, California. March 2001

Just a ride through the Gold Country communities.
Famous Biker and Cowboy meeting place.
 La Grange Saloon and Grill. March, 2001.

Yet anothering gathering (we gather a lot). In Rio
Vista for a day touring the Napa Wine Country.
Made it as far as Calastoga California.
April 14th, 2001

Eric Gustavson (Ripper in SAC)
Don’t worry about the finger.
Fear them glasses!

Suttercreek around June, 2001

Below from Santa Cruze to Half Moon Bay
with protection compliments of half the
Sheriffs Dept of Turlock. June  2001

Dustin & Marie Bruley

Gas and snacks with
 Janice and Dennis Montejano.
 June 29,2001

Waiting for more to arrive to head into Crater Lake

Bob West,
 Chief ‘o’ Police of Cresent City, CA.
Bend, Oregon June 30, 2001

Stop over at Crater Lake on the way
to Bend, Oregon. June 29, 2001

Me and my wife Susan in front of two
of the “Three Sisters” volcanos Oregon.
June 30, 2001

A few bikes at the Bend, Oregon run

Outside a Wild Wind bike shop. Great deals
 since they were going out of business.

Thanks to gas stations in the middle of nowhere.
And Chevron to boot! <G>

Gene Vetter makes a few minor adjustments
on Renee’s bike. Just outside of Virginia City,
Nevada. July 2, 2001

Stop for a coat break, temp must have
dropped 30 degrees outside of Bend.

Lost in the lava rocks at McKenzie Pass
near Three Sister Volcano Oregon
June 30, 2001

Waving good-bye to Oregon.
Heading for Reno, Nevada July 1, 2001

Holister, California July 7, 2001
Downtown and at Corbins Manufacturing. Much, Much, Much bigger than 2000.

Highway 4 - Ebbetts Pass

Sept 2, 2001

Highway 108 - Sonora Pass

Sept 2, 2001